Making Wine Healthy


Wine is my absolute favorite thing in the entire universe. Okay, so maybe a 3 way tie between red wine, hanging out with my best friends and working out.  Work hard play hard is what they say right? Everyone has their crutch, and wine is mine. For some reason, I don’t see wine as calories, I don’t see it as harmful. I don’t comprehend that too much wine will bust you right out of your favorite pair of jeans. It doesn’t matter how healthy I am, how much I hate chemicals and preservatives, wine just doesn’t click as being unhealthy, harmful or bad for me.

Today was totally awesome! My day started just the way I like, with an amazing boxing workout at UFC with my favorite coach and girl friends, and I followed that up with lunch with a couple of my best friends, one of which I haven’t  seen in months. We stuffed ourselves silly on cauliflower tacos, shared a couple glasses of happy hour wine, and giggled like little kids getting caught up on all the latest and greatest in our lives. During out conversion I learned of the Üllo….What is this you say? I asked the same question. Read and learn.

Üllo is a revolutionary wine purifier that restores the natural taste of wine with Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter technology. Oh La La you have caught my interest. Üllo makes wine pure, filters sulfates, and aerates. Now this is my kind of conversation.  Info below in red is from the company, info in black below it are my thoughts.

1. Pour

All wine contains sulfites, which are artificial preservatives added during production. They are no longer needed once the bottle is opened. 

Now this is super true. Any bottle of wine I open no longer needs the quark or sulfates. So far so good.


Proprietary polymer technology filters away free sulfites and their bitter taste, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected.

I’m not going to lie I have no idea what Polymer technology or most of that really means. I don’t see wine as bitter, and no idea what other compounds they could be talking about, but hoping it’s the alcohol content that is unaffected. The filters away free sulfites is more my lingo and what has me super excited.


Through Selective Sulfite Capture™, free sulfites are reduced to a more naturally occurring level for most wines.



Breathe life into reds, or maintain the balance of whites. Twist the aerator on or off to suit your preference.

Now I’m not a wine snob. I guess I consider myself more of a wine whore since  I love them all and don’t need them to breath or not breath. I could drink a $100 bottle or my favorite $5.99 bottle of Barefoot. It’s all good to me, but the aerator seems like a pretty cool feature to have and I’m not going to lie when they say breathe life into reds it just sounds really sexy! I’m super excited about the Üllo.


Return wine to its natural state, as if you opened the bottle right at the vineyard.

Üllo sure knows how to sell some wine. I’m totally in on this. Will let you know how it works out when I pick mine up.

Have you ever tried Üllo?  We would love to hear your feedback if you have.

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