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For the past few months, Amy and I have been trying different workout programs around town.  In order to do this we needed to freeze our Orange Theory membership so we didn’t get charged for classes we knew we weren’t going to take.  Our freeze was over, and this morning we attended our first class back after several months away.  I don’t know why we expected to go back and not feel right back at home, especially since we were both basically obsessed with it before freezing our accounts, but we had this idea that we would go back and just feel ‘meh’ about it.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  As soon as we completed our workout we both agreed that we missed it way more than we ever thought we would.

Our Workout Today:

Today’s workout was a partner activity.  One person was on the rower while the other person was on the treadmill, then we switched.  Then one person was on the rower while the other person was in the weight room, and again a switch.  This was a very row heavy day.  The funniest part is we both hate the rower, and we said before class that if we have to row we will likely not give it our all, not on our first day back.  It’s like the workout Gods knew we were trying to slack, because there was absolutely no way to avoid rowing as hard as we you could in today’s class.

This is me on the rower.
This is me on the rower.

The program:

Me: Row 1000 meters

Amy: Run on the treadmill at a push pace (a comfortable jog/run), until I completed the 1000 meter row.

SWITCH – Amy rows 1000m, I run until she is done.

Me: Row 750 meters

Amy: Run until I am done.

SWITCH…..and this continued until we both completed, 1000 meters, then 750 meters, than 500 meter, than 250 meters for a total of 2500 meters for each of us.

This is Amy on the rower. She is way better at it than me.
This is Amy on the rower. She is way better at it than me.

Then we moved on to the weight room.  Amy did the rower first this time and I was in the weight room.  This time the person in the weight room dictated how long the other person had to row.  Once I completed my weight room routine, I would tag her out and we would switch.  This went on until the weight room portion of the class was over, which was approximately 24 minutes.

Weight room routine:

8 squat to bicep curls

8 each side, ISO squat single arm low row

8 push up to knee tuck, using the ab dolly

20 total static crunch with scissor kicks

The weight room work wasn’t difficult, or even really challenging at all, but the exhaustion from the rower made it a lot harder than it normally would be which was great.  The constant cardio mixed in really kept our heart rates up and helped us burn a ton of calories.  My heart rate monitor was having a little trouble and I would go from red ( top of my heart rate zone) to black (not registering at all), so I am not sure how accurate my numbers were today, but it still gives me a good idea.  The longer you take the classes, the more familiar you become with your hear rate zone, so if these glitches happen (and they will), you can still get a good idea of what your calorie burn and workout was like.


The best part about today’s class was getting our names up on the board.  As soon as our coach said that the top 3 teams from the entire day, not just our time block, but the entire day, would get their names on the board, Amy and I knew we would push as hard as possible to get on there.  We aren’t competitive or anything. ; )  We beat the current third place team and happily erased their name and added ours.  Not bad for our first day back in a few months!

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