Work Smarter Not Harder


With my 37th birthday right around the corner, I wasn’t feeling very good about myself and I knew I needed to make some changes.  Last year around the holidays I got busy with work, ate what I wanted, drank way to much wine and wasn’t working out nearly enough.  I decided I wanted to know exactly where my body was so I could monitor my progress, so I decided to get a Bod Pod scan.  I knew the numbers were not going to be good but I needed a base line, so on February 29, 2016 I hopped in the Bod Pod, and as expected, the results were not pretty at 26.9% body fat.  You would think this would get me motivated to get back ‘on the wagon’, but for whatever reason I wasn’t quite ready yet.

On April 22nd 2016 I ended one of Coach Norine’s Orange Theory classes, and as usual she had another one of her motivational speeches, and then it hit me.  I was ready, and when that motivation hits, and you are truly ready to make a change, you run with it. For the next five months I worked out extremely hard and ate incredibly well. Unfortunately, I became very frustrated because all of the hard work I was putting in only resulted in an 8lb loss on the scale.  It was so depressing and discouraging! I really felt like I was making good progress because my old pants fit again, and I liked what I was seeing in the mirror, but all I kept thinking was “really, just 8 lbs?”.  So September 12, 2016, Morgan and I took the 30 minute trip to get a Bod Pod scan, and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I went from moderately healthy at 26.9% body fat to the lean category at 21.4%. I lost way more fat than 8 lbs, it just didn’t show on the scale because during that time I was gaining muscle.  What’s funny is Morgan’s results showed the same exact thing. She didn’t do a Bod Pod base line scan earlier in the year like I did, but she used a different, less accurate, body composition measuring system, and her weight had gone down a few lbs, but her body fat went way down.  The craziest thing was that our body fats were exactly the same!  After seeing her body fat go down, she hopped on board with my determination to get healthy and fit and we set out on a mission for health greatness.


Now we are super stoked. Feeling really good about ourselves and wanting more, so we upped the anti! We went from eating healthy and working out at Orange Theory Mon-Fri to running 5 K’s and working out twice a day. We would go for a nice 2-3 mile run before our morning class, then complete a workout at either Orange Theory, Camp Gladiator, or UFC for some boxing/kickboxing/or DUT (circuit) training in the evening.  Some days we would even toss a third workout in there in the middle of the day.  You can’t work out too much right?  Wrong!


You will notice us talk a lot about a woman name Norine, or Coach No, or simply just Coach.  She was our coach at Orange Theory, and while she still coaches there, she also moved on to other opportunities, and we have basically followed her along the way.  She has been such an inspiration to us, and she pushes us in ways we didn’t know were possible.  It’s amazing how impactful a good coach can be.  We hate her a lot of the times, especially when we are dripping with sweat and every muscle is shaking, but we love her the next day when we see new muscle definition in the mirror.  So with all that said, here she is again, coach No, yelling at us to make sure we eat enough calories and protein to fuel our bodies and muscles, especially with all of these workouts we are doing.  She always tells us that you can work out all day but if your diet is not on point you aren’t going to see the results you want, and dammit she is right!

The problem is, I hate food! Eating 3,000 HEALTHY calories a day for me is impossible. I’ll drink some wine to help reach my calorie count, but that much food? No thank you! Morgan struggled with this too.  Wine and alcohol are not her thing, but that girl loves her sweets.  Here we are burning about 1,500 calories a day, and when we look at our food log in the evening we have only consumed around 1,800 calories at best.  Some days we barely cracked 1600, which was simply not enough fuel to help us build that lean muscle.  Especially with all that high intensity working out we were doing.

So back to the Bod Pod we went. From September 12,2016 until November 21, 2016, both Morgan and I were our exact same weight from the last scan, however with all of the cardio and working out and not nearly enough protein and nutrition, we both went from 21% body fat up to 24% body fat. Without the proper calories and nutrition our bodies went after our muscle content first for energy. Running and two workouts everyday for months was a lot of work, and a complete waste of time.  We actually went backwards!  We did, however, find it very funny that our body fat percentages were once again exactly the same.  Our bodies look,and are built, totally different, but our body composition is apparently exactly the same, ha!

Unfortunately, there is no exact science to health and fitness because all of us are way too different to lump everything and everyone into one perfect little category. It would be great to have a magic formula, but what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. It’s important to switch up your diet and workouts on a semi-regular basis. Then, it’s just as important having a method to check your results to see if what you are doing is working.  That’s why we believe so strongly in the Bod Pod.  It’s 99% accurate, and clearly shows us what our body is doing on the inside.

With the holidays almost behind us, we are making our adjustments now, and we will see what the next few months bring before our next scan, so stand by for updated results. If nothing else, it is super fun to see what your body can do. We are all capable. Just remember to enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to eat!

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